I am so so glad I did this! Sean made me feel very comfortable during my shoot and the photos BLEW me away. Seriously, ladies, major confidence booster. Thanks Sean!

Ms C

Sean was amazing for my first boudoir experience! I have to admit, I was super nervous but once I got there, my nerves completely melted away. Sean was polite, professional, helped with my bags and made absolutely sure, I felt comfortable. I told him from the beginning that I had no experience modeling or posing and he assured me that he would tell me exactly what to do…and he did! His attention to detail was incredible, even telling me to relax my fingertips so they wouldn’t “look like a claw”, he said *lol*. What really blew me away was when he showed me the back of his camera while we shooting because I knew they hadn’t been photo-shopped…that was me and I looked… gorgeous! When I saw the final pictures, I just couldn’t stop smiling. I really felt like I was looking at a different person. I know I will cherish these images for years. If you are on the fence about doing this, you already want to! Don’t let fear stop you from discovering the courage inside you and sexiness you want and deserve to feel.

Ms C

Doing a boudoir shoot is something I always wanted to do. I just never had the confidence to do it. I thought they were so beautiful and the women always looked so strong and feminine. After much prodding from my husband, I agreed to meet with Sean for a boudoir shoot. He made it so easy and fun! I had a blast getting to feel like a beautiful model and not a mom of four. My insecurities and fear of it being awkward were quickly erased once I saw how easy going and professional Sean was. He made the whole experience seem very natural and the pictures made me feel more confident and comfortable in my skin than I ever thought possible. I can’t thank him enough for the experience he provided me and the products he delivered. I would recommend Sean to anyone!

Mrs A

After having children, I definitely have some insecurity about my body. I didn’t expect having half naked pictures taken of myself would make such an impact but I learned that there really is an art to using different poses and lighting (and photo wizardry) to make a tired mom who hates her skin, feel good about herself. The week before the shoot, Sean sent me a questionnaire to fill out. He asked what I love about myself (something I never really thought about before) and what I didn’t love so much and it’s like the entire shoot was customized exactly to my preferences. I love every single picture and I love seeing the look of awe when I show girlfriends who never expected me to do a boudoir shoot! Definitely had a blast! Thank you, Sean.

Ms L